SUEZ was part of the major social revolution in the 19th century - public health - and in the 20th century - modern urban services. Today, we want to help meet the challenges of this resource revolution.
  • 2015: ready for the resource revolution. We are accelerating the transformation of our businesses and our organisation by combining all of our activities under a single brand. This single brand, the culmination of over 150 years of shared history, expresses our ambition and demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding resources.


  • 2013GDF SUEZ losing control of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT COMPANY. With 33,7% of the capital, GDF SUEZ reaffirmed its commitment to continue as a long-term strategic partner and reference shareholder of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.
  • 2010: the Group takes control of Agbar, a water industry player operating in Spain and internationally. This acquisition will allow the Group to acquire additional positions in fast-growing markets, primarily in Europe.
  • 2008: Initial Public Offering (IPO) of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT as a result of the merger of SUEZ and Gaz de France, creating a world leader exclusively dedicated to water and waste management services.
  • 2003: SUEZ’s ENVIRONNEMENT operations (water management, waste management, energy) are grouped into a single business line. The SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Group is created.
  • 1997Lyonnaise des Eaux merges with Compagnie Financière de Suez, creating Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux. Water management operations in France are grouped into a single business line.
  • 1975: the first reverse osmosis desalination plant is built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • 1960SITA rapidly expands thanks to numerous contracts in the Paris suburbs
  • 1948: Degrémont builds Egypt’s first drinking water treatment plant
  • 1947: Setting up of Safège delivering sustainable solutions
  • 1939: setting up of Degrémont a water treatment company in Paris
  • 1919: setting up of Société Industrielle des Transports Automobiles (SITA), to meet the waste collection needs of the City of Paris
  • 1880: establishment of Société Lyonnaise des Eaux 
  • 1869: setting up of United Water
  • 1867: setting up of Agbar
  • 1858: Ferdinand de Lessep founded the Compagnie universelle du canal de Suez. The company’s aim was to finance a state-of-the-art project to link the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean.