Angel Simon

Angel Simon Grimaldos was born in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1957. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering (Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) from the Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona (class of 1980) and an MBA in Corporate Management from ESADE.

Angel was Head of the Barcelona Urban District between 1989 and 1995. He joined AGBAR in 1995 as the Group’s representative in Portugal, before being appointed International Chief Executive for the Water and Sanitation Division.
In 1999, Angel took over the management of Aguas Andinas S.A. in Chile, one of the largest sanitation firms in Latin America, which provides services to over 6 million residents in Santiago and the surrounding district.
He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Aguas de Barcelona and of the AGBAR Group’s Water and Sanitation Division in 2002, before being appointed as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer in 2004.
Angel Simon Grimaldos has held the position of Chairman of Aguas de Barcelona (AGBAR) since June 2010. This holding company, which has been in existence for over 140 years and includes over 150 companies, operates in the extended water cycle area. Following its expansion into the international arena (Chile, the United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia, Algeria, Cuba and Mexico) AGBAR now offers its services to over 37 million people throughout the world. Angel Simon Grimaldos is also the Chairman of Aqualogy, the integrated water solutions brand launched by AGBAR.

Angel Simon has been appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Water Europe.