Gérard Lamarche

50 years old
Executive Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer of GDF SUEZ. Member of the GDF SUEZ Executive Committee.

Date of initial appointment: 5 Decembe, 2007
Start date of current mandate: 19 May, 2011
Termination date of mandate: General Shareholders’ Meeting which approves the financial statements for the fiscal year ending 31 December, 2014


Gérard Lamarche, born 15 July, 1961, Belgian, is an Economic Sciences graduate of Université de Louvain-la-Neuve, INSEAD and Wharton International. He began his career in 1983, as a consultant at Deloitte Haskins & Sells; he moved on to Société Générale de Belgique as an investment manager in 1988, where he was later appointed controller and Advisor for strategic operations between 1992 and 1995.
In 1995, he joined Compagnie de SUEZ as a project manager for the Chairman and Secretary of the Management Committee before becoming the Deputy Director responsible for Planning, Control and Accounting, then Secretary of the Investment Committee and Director and Chief Executive Officer for Finances of Nalco.
In March 2004, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer for Finance of SUEZ Group, responsible for Financial Operations, Treasury, Taxes, Planning, Accounting and Control. Mr Lamarche has been Executive Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer of GDF SUEZ since July 2008.