Amaury de Sèze

66 years old
Vice-President of Power Financial Corporation of Canada
Director and member of the Nominations and Compensation Committee of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT COMPANY

Date of initial appointment: 15 July, 2008
Start date of current mandate: May 24, 2012
Termination date of mandate: General Shareholders’ Meeting which approves the financial statements for the fiscal year ending 31 December, 2015.

Others titles and positions held (excluding Group):
Lead Director of Carrefour
Director of BW Group, Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (Belgium), Erbe SA (Belgium), Pargesa Holding S.A. (Switzerland), Imerys and Thales SA
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PAI Partners SAS
Member of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe



Amaury de Sèze, born May 7, 1946, began his career in 1968, at Bull General Electric. In 1978, he joined Volvo Group where he held several positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Volvo France, President of Volvo Corporate Europe, member of the Executive Committee of Volvo Group and member of the Strategic Committee of Renault Volvo. He joined Paribas Group in 1993, as a member of the Management Board of Compagnie Financière de Paribas and of Banque Paribas, responsible for Equity Interests and Industrial Affairs, then as the Head of BNP Paribas’ Equity Interests Unit. Mr de Sèze is also Vice-Chairman of Power Corporation of Canada and lead Director of the Carrefour Group.