Governance and organisation

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has made sustainable development a full-fledged governance tool. It focuses on the Group’s businesses, its employees and its stakeholders.

Placing dialogue at the heart of activity

For SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, dialogue is an essential condition for success at both the local and institutional levels. Accordingly, its sustainable development policy and governance is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • A co-operative approach that best responds to the expectations of all stakeholders and especially to the needs of ordinary people. It is reflected, for example, in the committee of independent experts (Foresight Advisory Council) set up to advise SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT on its strategy and its initiatives.
  • A new operation model, through public-private partnerships, which aims to involve local stakeholders in regions that have little or no access to water.
  • A department of social engineering, designed to maintain active dialogue with all stakeholders.

Ensuring its policy is executed and monitored

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has adopted an organisational structure that ensures its sustainable actions are carried out within the Group

This oversight is provided by four bodies:

  • The Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee is made up of three directors. It ensures compliance with the individual and collective values on which the Group bases its actions, and the rules of conduct required by every employee.
  • The Sustainable Development Steering Committee is made up of representatives of the Group’s Sustainable Development Department, operations departments and the sustainable development contacts at SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s main subsidiaries. The committee steers, approves and monitors all activities linked to the sustainable development policy.
  • The Sustainable Development Department proposes to General Management the Group’s vision and policy on sustainable development. This includes providing information and raising awareness, monitoring performance, and managing relationships with non-financial rating agencies.
  • The Sustainable Development Managers’ Network rolls out the sustainable development policy to the subsidiaries and operational departments.