Shareholder's rights

As a shareholder you have the following rights :

You are linked to the financial performance of the company whose shares you own by means of a dividend

Access company information whenever you want

Your right to information is exercised:

  • either as a prerequisite, from the date of your invitation to the Annual General Meeting or in the preceding 15 days, or
  • permanently, by taking note of the social documents for previous financial years in the company’s registered office

You can comment on company management via:

  • voting rights
  • the right to take part in capital operations

To help keep you informed, we have provided:

  • An 0800 service: 0800 207 207 (free call from a French landline); our customer service centre will answer all your questions from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm (French time).
  • The shareholder newsletter available on request or in a PDF version, it is automatically sent to club members by email or by post.
  • The Annual Activity and Sustainable Development Report: available on request or in PDF version.

Access to the page dedicated to our sharehoders