Consultation with individual shareholders


At the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris (COP21), SUEZ launched a major consultation with the Group’s individual shareholders. Between 5 October and 2 November, an electronic questionnaire was sent to the 4,500 shareholders who are members of the Shareholders’ Club. A preview of the consultation results was released at the Actionaria Exhibition 2015, which took place on 20 and 21 November at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, with Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO of SUEZ, in attendance.

Three main lessons emerged from the survey of SUEZ’s individual shareholders:

  • 95% of shareholders believed that the creation of a single brand supporting the circular economy and sustainable resource management is beneficial for the Group. In addition, shareholders in SUEZ – an official partner of the COP21 – said that providing education on environmental issues and sustainable development (52% of shareholders) and developing a water policy (48%) were the COP21 themes for which their hopes were highest;
  • 92% of shareholders believed that SUEZ’s sustainable development roadmap for 2016 has a significant impact on the Group’s performance, particularly in terms of its capacity for innovation (55% of shareholders), its economic and financial performance (50%), and its attractiveness to new investors (46%);
  • 98% of individual shareholders stated that they were confident about the future of SUEZ. In addition to the Group’s commitment to sustainable development (52% of shareholders), shareholders stated that the key factors for the Group’s success are its teams’ ability to innovate (63%), its dynamic commercial nature on an international level (44%) and its strategic position on growth markets (44%).

Jean-Louis Chaussade, SUEZ CEO, said:

SUEZ’s efforts in terms of sustainable development and responsible performance are recognised by our individual stakeholders – this is something to be proud of, and I thank them for their loyalty! With a single brand to unify the Group and to respond to the challenge of sustainable resource management, SUEZ is at the heart of the circular economy. SUEZ is convinced that voluntary approaches from companies are necessary in order to achieve a major agreement during COP21, and has strengthened its ambitious objectives in support of the climate and of sustainable resource management.