Customer relationship management

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT handles the billing for over 3 billion m3 of water worldwide, and strives to achieve excellent relationships with all customers, be they local authorities, communities or consumers.

Assistance for all customers

Potable tap water is billed to customers via meters, with the help of meter readers who work with customer services. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has made it a priority to establish a close relationship with its customers. To provide them with continuous and transparent information, the Group has set up several call centres and established information centres.

As a result, Lyonnaise des Eaux won first prize for “2009 Customer Relations” in the utilities sector. In particular, this award emphasises the quality of information given to customers, including:

    • the performance of call centres during the storm in south-western France,
    • the launch of a clearer and more detailed water bill,
    • the establishment of a 24-hour online customer service agency,
    • the effective management of crisis situations with Pamela; an over-the-phone, real-time customer information service.

This innovative approach to customer relations has enabled the Group’s subsidiary to respond effectively to problems faced by its customers. During the floods that affected the Noyon region in 2007, the subsidiary was able to restore the drinking water production station to normal function only five days after the event. In that interval, the water supply for health purposes was uninterrupted and immediate drinking water needs were met by bottled water suppliers.

In addition, Lyonnaise des Eaux conducts an annual survey of 10,000 customers to assess their satisfaction and receive suggestions for improvement. Similarly, Lydec; a Group subsidiary located in Morocco, has set up a dynamic commercial policy to serve its customers. This policy improved the customer satisfaction rate from 50% to 93% between 1997 and 2006.

Putting innovation to work for customers

For SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, technologies must be put to work to manage customer relationships.

This is the case for remote meter reading; a method of controlling water use established by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT. The method is based on:

    • automatic transmission of meter data,
    • management of water consumption online,
    • leak detection.

Providing services for the “greater water cycle”

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT also supports its customers by offering tailored services to ensure sustainable water management and move from the “urban water cycle” to the “greater water cycle”. The Group influences all related natural environments: active management of environmental resources, environmental protection, biodiversity, swimming water management, storm water, etc.

For example, the Group and Lyonnaise des Eaux have developed the Gen-Spot method to help communities benefit from the active management of swimming water quality. This innovative technique makes it possible to rapidly analyse water and assess its level of faecal pollution in accordance with regulatory thresholds. Ultimately, it makes it easier to inform the public in real -ime. In France, a dozen seaside resorts and more than 60 beaches already benefit from this monitoring.