Quality of life in the workplace

For SUEZ, employee commitment and quality of life in the workplace are essentials. They help to strengthen the social pact between the company and its employees.

Assessing employee commitment

The Group regularly carries out employee commitment surveys to measure their pride in belonging to SUEZ’s social and professional community and their willingness to commit to the company. This ensures that all SUEZ entities are listening to their employees so they can implement a vision that corresponds to employees’ expectations, reflects shared values, and is understood by all.

Affirming the company’s heightened social role

Companies play an increasingly social role today. That’s why SUEZ strives to respond as positively as possible to the quest for meaning that many people search for in their professional lives.

In early 2010, the Group put in place a 3-year agreement on quality of life in the workplace. It provides for:

  • an audit,
  • an action plan within 18 months,
  • management training on handling emergency situations and preventing crisis situations.

Acting for the wellness of employees

SUEZ has demonstrated its forward-thinking capabilities by creating an Occupational Health and Wellness Department, which focuses on preventive health and wellness programs that in turn reflect the quality of life at work.

In addition to occupational healthcare, this department will also emphasize new perspectives, especially those geared toward proactive mental and physical fitness as well as a holistic vision of people as individual beings (yoga, coaching, sophrology, self-awareness work, personalized support services, meditation walks, and so on).

The Occupational Health and Wellness Department has a systemic view of the health of individuals and their complexities. It operates as a multidisciplinary team. After an initial meeting, each employee will then be advised on practices and exercises tailored to their specific issues.  

At the heart of its mission, the Occupational Health and Wellness Department is designed to address and help resolve the tensions that can occur between individuals and a group’s interests. It also makes SUEZ a leader and trendsetter in the area of occupational wellness.

Balancing private and professional life

For SUEZ, quality of life in the workplace is a major lever in boosting the Group’s attractiveness and employee motivation. It also aims to guarantee long-term employability for all.