Health and Safety

SUEZ knows that it cannot carry out its activities in a professional manner without ensuring the safety of its employees, customers and subcontractors. The Group has therefore set standards for continuous monitoring, progress and transparency in this area, as demonstrated by its ambitious action plans.

Operating a proactive employee protection policy

SUEZ operates a proactive health and safety policy based on a universal principle: no one should be injured or killed as a result of carrying out their professional activity. Workplace safety is a marker of operational excellence for the Group and is given constant attention. To ensure a high degree of safety, the company pays particularly attention to maintaining high awareness levels among employees.This diligence has rewarded the Group with significantly improved health and safety results since it was formed. The frequency rate of workplace accidents fell from 49.81 in 2002 to 13.32 in 2012. The severity rate of workplace accidents declined from 1.36 in 2002 to 0.60 in 2012. This tangible progress is reflected in over 65,000 fewer days’ of sick leave per year since 2000.

Strengthening business management systems

To improve the Group’s health and safety performance, SUEZ has reinforced its business management systems. The goal: to limit the major risks linked to the Group’s activities. SUEZ and its subsidiaries are galvanised and each entity has implemented a tailored action plan. For example, in 2011, SITA France undertook a series of actions to incorporate safety obligations into all its new projects. This initiative mainly involves drawing up traffic maps for its sites and developing an active safety culture in the company. Lydec also won the 2010 National Workplace Safety Prize in the “Large Service Providers” category, awarded by the Ministry of Work and Industry of Morocco. This award highlights the company’s efforts to preserve the psychological and physical health of its employees, subcontractors and third parties, while improving the quality of the service rendered.