For SUEZ, the variety of positions and sectors proposed is a strength for the future of its activities and their challenges. Through these pages, learn all about the duties, activities, key skills, training and experience sought in the Group's job profiles. Thanks to the numerous employee testimonials, you can find out more about the men and women who make up SUEZ today.

R&D/Laboratory: Anticipating future needs

With a worldwide technical and scientific network, including 400 researchers and experts distributed among centres of expertise and research laboratories, our centres of expertise provide technical assistance, R&D and knowledge management.

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Sales: Customer relationships, sense of service and commitment

Technical expertise is not the only asset needed for conquering new markets. Getting new contracts also depends on the quality of commercial contacts and the trusting relationship that we establish with customers.

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Studies/Projects: Oversee the implementation of major projects

SUEZ is a leading world player due to not only its technical excellence, but also its ability to manage large-scale projects. Management or large projects entails mastering elements such as commercial, financial and legal aspects etc.

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Construction: Designing and building the infrastructures of tomorrow

Our teams work on studies, planning, works, and commissioning of increasingly innovative infrastructures for building drinking water, wastewater, industrial water and waste treatment plants.

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Operations: to run the facilities

For SUEZ, guaranteeing contract performance in accordance with the targets set is essential, providing in particular the operation and technical optimization of facilities, management of economic aspects and industrial water treatment and site clean-up solutions.

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General Management: Management of operations and teams

Management of activity, commercial development, team management, economic approach, etc. Complex and all-encompassing positions require solid human and technical qualities.

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Support: Assist in the Group’s development

The support positions combine professions that are as diverse as they are essential to the Group’s development: finance, purchasing, human resources, legal affairs, communications, etc.

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