Why choose SUEZ ?

Businesses that make sense

Positioned in the businesses of tomorrow, SUEZ develops new models founded on the circular economy that emphasises resource productivity. Illustrating this shift from volume to value, the Group offers local authorities, manufacturers and private individuals innovative solutions for recycling and reusing wastewater. SUEZ thus manages cycles of scarce resources, namely energy, water and secondary raw materials produced from waste.

A Group rich in opportunities

Present in more than 70 countries, SUEZ relies on the knowledge acquired every year by its employees to reinforce its position in global markets. These men and women lie at the heart of the Group’s development and innovation strategy, as well as its environmental and social commitments. The Group therefore prioritises their personal and professional development and training.

The Group’s employees share a strong interest in the environment and, even more, a desire to have meaningful professional lives. In response, SUEZ strives to be daring and give responsibility to young managers.

A host of opportunities for all profiles: consult our job vacancies, internships and VIEs.