Waste collection and urban sanitation

  • Pneumatic collection

    Greener, less noisy and odourless, pneumatic collection offers an alternative solution to traditional collection which fits perfectly into sustainable urban development and environmental protection projects.

  • A century of collection in pictures
    A century of collection in pictures

    At the turn of the 20th Century, waste was collected by convoys of horse-drawn carts. More than a century later, methods and behaviours have radically changed to keep up with society. We look back at more than 100 years of an often overlooked…

Every day, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT keeps communal areas clean for private individuals, businesses and public authorities. The Group provides garbage collection services, removing all types of waste and cleaning streets and roadways.

Waste collection and urban sanitation: meeting the expectations of local authorities and businesses

Firstly, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT assists local authorities in charge of urban sanitation and managing household waste (refuse, bulky garbage, hazardous waste, etc.). Depending on their requirements and means, SITA subsidiaries  offer several types of collection services. Several services are provided (door-to-door collection, communal bins, waste collection sites, tyre collection, etc.) depending on the density of the population, the technical possibilities and the means available to the community concerned.

SITA also assists local communities in the deployment of pricing mechanisms to encourage sorting. These are aimed at increasing household recycling and reducing their residual waste. Moreover, in addition to waste collection services, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT offers on-demand communal cleaning services (roadways, beaches, etc.) to municipalities.

The Group also offers tailored solutions to organise the collection and sorting of industrial waste. With its network of local agencies and its extensive facilities, SITA France guarantees reliable and efficient waste handling, both on-site and off-site.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT also handles the collection of hazardous or highly contaminated waste. In France, LaboServices offers integrated hazardous waste management solutions involving: knowledge, securing, packaging, preparing for transport, identifying the appropriate industry, and ancillary services (training, presentations, delegated management, etc.).

Reducing the environmental impact of waste collection

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a socially responsible company which strives to innovate continuously in order to offer cheaper and greener collection services.

At present, the Group has a fleet of trucks with capacities of over 10 metric tonnes, operating mainly on “green” energy (diesel, natural gas, electricity or biofuel). SITA France has 114 vehicles running on rapeseed biodiesel, thereby reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.
Moreover, the new “full electric” refuse collection vehicle developed by SITA in partnership with manufacturers enables clean, silent and safer collection through increased visibility for the driver. This collection system has been used in the French municipality of Courbevoie since the beginning of 2011.