Sorting and dismantling

Sorting is an essential phase for producing secondary raw materials. SUEZ supports municipalities, companies and industrial entities in creating selective collection devices, including awareness campaigns for citizens and training employees.

In sorting platforms, the Group strives to implement innovative technological solutions aimed at improving fine separation performance of materials in order to achieve a 90% recycle rate of incoming waste.

Eco-hubs or eco-industrial parks concentrate waste sorting, recycling and recovery activities on a single site. In this way, they promote a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reduced waste transportation and optimal recovery thanks to the in situ routing.

Dismantlingn deconstruction and decontamination are activities that require discipline and expertise. The Group is developing specialised streams for dismantling sites that range from risk audits to hazardous waste removal, or it forms industrial partnerships, as in the case of deconstruction and recovery of aircrafts at the end of their working lives.