Water purification station - Eupen

The water purification station for the “la Vesdre” dam was built in 1951 by Degremont in Eupen, Belgium. This facility belongs to the Société Wallonne des Eaux (SWDE) and treats the dam’s water.

Historically Degrémont’s first reference site in Belgium, the station treats water from a lake, which is naturally very soft and very acid.

In 2006, in order to anticipate European standards on the quality of water taken from surface water (more sensitive to polluting elements), the SWDE has undertaken major works to modernise the station.

The current water treatment has been complemented by a filtration stage over nanofiltration membranes. This new station was commissioned in March 2009.

Eupen plant facts and figures

    • 110,000 m3 of water per day
    • 16 million m3 of water held in the Eupen dam
    • €125 million for building the new plant
    • 400,000 inhabitants use the water from the plant