Virtual visits

  • The VALORHIN wastewater treatment plant in Strasbourg
    The VALORHIN wastewater treatment plant in Strasbourg

    Strasbourg’s local authority has assigned the operation of Strasbourg’s wastewater treatment plant, serving 1,000,000 inhabitant equivalents, to Lyonnaise des Eaux and Degrémont Services, as part of an eight-year public service outsourcing contract.

  • Perth desalination plant
    Perth desalination plant

    In April 2005, the Water Corporation of Western Australia entrusts Degrémont with the design, construction and 25 years’ operation of the first reverse osmosis facility for Perth.

  • Liege-Oupeye purification station
    Liege-Oupeye purification station

    Built by Degremont, the purification station of Liege-Oupeye was commissioned in November 2007 and operated from the A.I.D.E. Covering an area of 116 sq km, the objective of this station is to purify wastewater from a large part of the agglomeration of Liège (10 municipalities) before discharge in the Meuse.

  • Water purification station - Eupen
    Water purification station - Eupen

    The water purification station for the "la Vesdre" dam was built in 1951 by Degrémont, in Eupen, Belgium. This facility belongs to the "Société Wallonne des eaux" (SWDE) and treats the dam's water.

  • Aqualyon – La Feyssine Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Aqualyon – La Feyssine Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Located at La Feyssine within the villages of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin, the Aqualyon water treatment plant processes wastewater for the population equivalent of 300,000 people. It is part of a network of nine other water treatment plants also serving the region.