SITA DEEE, created in 2006, is a subsidiary of SITA Recyclage and specialises in dismantling Electrical & Electronic Equipment Waste (EEEW in English, DEEE in French). Given the increasing scarcity of natural resources or raw materials and the desire to encourage recycling, in 2006 SITA France created SITA Recyclage, a specialist in recycling end-of-life materials and equipment, in producing recycled raw materials, and in selling them.

Opened in 2009, the Feyzin plant is a prime example of how to fulfil the objectives of controlling pollution and optimising every flow:

    • large cooling equipment: refrigerators, freezers,
    • small household appliances: toasters, microwaves, hair dryers, etc…
    • screens/monitors.

SITA DEEE – Key figures

    • Average collection volumes in France:

2006: 0.2 kg/pers – 2010: 6 kg/pers – 2014 Target: 10 kg/pers

    • Change in tonnage collected by eco-agencies: 

2008: 286,000 metric tonnes – 2010: 410,000 metric tonnes – 2015 Target: 600,000 metric tonnes