France Plastiques Recyclage plant

An innovative initiative

In creating France Plastiques Recyclage (FPR) in 2007, SUEZ and the PAPREC Group, leaders on the French recycling market, rely strongly on innovation to meet the challenge of excellence.

The goal is to make granules of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) from recycled bottles collected from individuals on behalf of local authorities. With an investment of €40 million, the plant is now equipped with an innovative, environmentally-friendly recycling process to produce recycled PET (r-PET) and manufacture new bottles or other products in contact with food.


In accordance with the technical constraints specified by the national, European and international authorities, the r-PET granules have the same characteristics as virgin PET. Designed for contact with food, they are intended for preformers, ore carriers, and conditioners in the beverage, food, pharmacy, perfumery and cosmetics industries, and any other sector requiring a recycled raw material of high quality.

Thanks to the laboratory integrated on the Limay site, product quality is monitored at each step of the process, ensuring the compliance of r-PET with food contact requirements and customer specifications.

Saving water and energy to reduce the site’s environmental footprint

France Plastics Recyclage has opted in particular for a cold pre-wash cycle of the PET bottles in order to minimise power consumption on the site. FPR prefers the on-site treatment of water and the use of wheeled vehicles running on gas or electricity, and also recovers other materials (PVC, stop caps, metal hoops from bales, etc.).


The production unit capacity:

  • 40,000 tonnes of bottles regenerated
  • 30,000 tonnes of PET produced


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